Event Trends: Hard Sets

Event Trends: Hard Sets

Whether you’re producing a conference, a social event, a festival - you name it! - staging is an important component of your event’s success. At a minimum, your stage likely has some sort of video display on it for presentation material, branded content, ambient graphics, or some combination of the three. But hard sets & stage decor are also becoming an industry standard in live events. Let’s look at why!


At face value, having an impressive stage set helps to boost your event’s legitimacy and credibility. It shows that you’re investing in your attendees’ experience, and that you value the production quality of your event. Bonus points if you’re integrating your event’s or organization’s branding into custom set decor, as this helps to drive home your specific team’s commitment to producing an outstanding & unique event.


Hard sets also help to improve audience engagement! Think about it - you’re giving them something interesting to take in visually throughout the event. The higher impact your staging, the more excited your attendees will be about what’s being presented there. Engaging sets also help to establish a creative and inspiring atmosphere, helping your audience to think outside of the box and become more open to the content being presented.


You’re already going to the trouble (and expense) of hosting your event - so why not take the opportunity to improve your ROI? Hard sets can be used to drive brand awareness, bringing your team’s brand to life & making it even more memorable. By setting the tone for high quality content or a high quality offer, an impactful set can also make your message more compelling and convincing. All of these elements combined make it that much more likely that an audience member will engage with you or your brand following the event - which means a greater return on your investment!

Hard sets are quickly becoming a favorite tool of event designers & staging professionals, so we're busy finding more and more ways to use them creatively and in a unique way! We look forward to helping you incorporate this staging technology to create more engaging events for you and your attendees!

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5 Common Misconceptions About Working with an AV Company

5 Common Misconceptions About Working with an AV Company

There are lots of misconceptions out there about what working with an AV company is like. And  it makes sense - until you work with one, you may not know what the process really entails! So while we can’t speak for every AV company out there, we thought we’d clarify a few common beliefs that we come up against from time to time.

Misconception #1:

While we do provide audio services, video production, and lighting for our clients’ events, we also do custom staging design, graphics creation, and on-site show production! We pride ourselves on offering more than just a technical perspective - we work comprehensively, taking many aspects of your event into consideration, so that you don’t have to worry about the pieces fitting together. 


Misconception #3:

Sure, event production services are an investment. We won’t deny that! But it may not be as bad as you think, and we can often save you money compared to DIY solutions. Not to mention, high production value always pays off in the end - as does having the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in good hands! 


Misconception #2:

While we do often work on large-scale events, we also work on smaller events, and even some intimate social gatherings. If you need AV & event production support, it doesn’t matter how many attendees you’re expecting - we can help! Some of our most innovative staging & display ideas have come from having the constraints of small spaces, limited infrastructure, and bland surroundings.


Misconception #4:

It may seem like the bulk of our work is done on-site when producing an event. But in reality, so much time & work goes into our preparation, whether it’s a smaller social event or a large conference. From conceptualizing & designing to sourcing materials, all the way to logistical planning & writing a run of show, not to mention technical drawings for rigging & system flow, more time goes into the behind-the-scenes work than it does actually executing the live event. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our pre-event work allows us to hit the ground running when we arrive to set up for your event, and leaves us more available to assist you with any last-minute challenges or changes. 

 Misconception #5:

After each event, we go back and revisit the events of the day to analyze what worked, and what could be improved upon. One of our core missions is to be proactive about solving problems before they occur - and analyzing past challenges is a great way to learn how to catch them early in the future! In the days after your event, we even give you an opportunity to complete a post-event evaluation, where you can both review how this event was produced, and begin discussing new approaches you would like to try to make sure that your next event is even more successful. We always love to hear our clients’ feedback on how we can make the planning & execution process as seamless as possible for them! 

We know there are many more misconceptions out there, so if you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a note!
We’re always happy to provide clarity in any way we can!

Event Trends: Modular Decor Panels

Event Trends: Modular Decor Panels

Modular decor panels are an efficient & unique way to add dimension and depth to any stage or event set! We've been using modular panels for quite some time, so we understand why they're becoming so popular! They're one of the few decor solutions that can work with nearly any aesthetic or theme. Here are some of the ways modular panels are becoming one of the biggest trends in event production this year:

Ease of Use

Our favorite modular decor panels are from Atomic Design. They come with custom connectors that make it quick and easy to snap the panels into place, reducing setup time. And the faster the setup, the lower the cost of labor! It also makes it easier to flip event spaces that need to have multiple uses, as these lightweight modular panels can be added or removed in mere minutes.


Modular panels can be used in a myriad of different ways! They can be connected together in a wall, used as a frame for your screens or signage, or as a standalone sculptural element. They can be stacked in columns, hung from truss, or staggered to create a perforated space divider. And because all of the modular panels we use are the same size, they can be mixed and matched with different panel designs to create an even bolder look! This adaptability gives you lots of options & creative ways that you can use modular panels to create an engaging set!


In addition to using Atomic Design's fabulous panels, we often create custom laser-cut modular panels that incorporate our clients' branding or logo! These custom panels can be used on their own or mixed in with other panels with more abstract pattern designs. There are so many possibilities when it comes to customization - and our designers would love to help you find the most creative way to integrate your event's branding into your set using custom panels!

Modular panels are quickly becoming a favorite tool of event designers & staging professionals, so we're busy finding more and more ways to use them creatively and in a unique way! We look forward to helping you incorporate this decor technology into your staging to create more engaging events!

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