Whether you’re producing a conference, a social event, a festival - you name it! - staging is an important component of your event’s success. At a minimum, your stage likely has some sort of video display on it for presentation material, branded content, ambient graphics, or some combination of the three. But hard sets & stage decor are also becoming an industry standard in live events. Let’s look at why!


At face value, having an impressive stage set helps to boost your event’s legitimacy and credibility. It shows that you’re investing in your attendees’ experience, and that you value the production quality of your event. Bonus points if you’re integrating your event’s or organization’s branding into custom set decor, as this helps to drive home your specific team’s commitment to producing an outstanding & unique event.


Hard sets also help to improve audience engagement! Think about it - you’re giving them something interesting to take in visually throughout the event. The higher impact your staging, the more excited your attendees will be about what’s being presented there. Engaging sets also help to establish a creative and inspiring atmosphere, helping your audience to think outside of the box and become more open to the content being presented.


You’re already going to the trouble (and expense) of hosting your event - so why not take the opportunity to improve your ROI? Hard sets can be used to drive brand awareness, bringing your team’s brand to life & making it even more memorable. By setting the tone for high quality content or a high quality offer, an impactful set can also make your message more compelling and convincing. All of these elements combined make it that much more likely that an audience member will engage with you or your brand following the event - which means a greater return on your investment!

Hard sets are quickly becoming a favorite tool of event designers & staging professionals, so we're busy finding more and more ways to use them creatively and in a unique way! We look forward to helping you incorporate this staging technology to create more engaging events for you and your attendees!

Stay tuned for more profiles on event trends in the coming weeks! (Check out our last trend profile on modular decor panels!)