Ever seen a concert up close & noticed those little headphones that the performers were wearing? These are called “in-ear monitors” and they allow the performer to hear a specific audio mix overtop of the loud ambient noise of what’s going on onstage. 

In-Ear Monitor (n.) : A small and discrete headphone set that relays a personal audio mix. The headphones are connected to a small belt pack receiver, enable the listener to move about without cables.


Though these are commonly used for musical events, we’ve found some creative ways to use them to benefit a conference! 

Over the past year, we’ve had multiple clients who needed a way for conference speakers to give different presentations during the same time slot - and in the same space. As a solution, we design them a multi-sided stage set, and implement in-ear monitors for their attendees so that they can “tune in” to the presentation they want to listen to at that time. 


This solution seems to work best for longer or multi-day events, where this kind of presentation format is used as a fun & engaging exception to the rule, breaking up the more traditionally-formatted keynote presentations.

And there are several benefits to this approach! In-ear monitors and the accompanying hardware are discreet and lightweight, not like traditional headphones which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. They’re easy for attendees to operate, and are pleasant to use.

The main benefit, though, is that the use of in-ear monitors allows for more content to be delivered throughout a conference, AND allows attendees to select which content is going to be most relevant for them, making the best use of their time there.

Curious about how in-ear monitors could benefit your event? Give us a call to learn about the possibilites!