We were honored to partner up with S&P Global on their OPSCON conference again this past spring! This event is an internal conference that packs lots of content into just a few days, so efficiency & time management are essential to helping it run smoothly!

General Session stage at the Paramount Theater

The general session space was staged at the Paramount Theater, but there were also breakout sessions to account for, which were held at the nearby Omni Charlottesville. Because the group had such a charged schedule, the organizers needed to accomplish a lot in a limited amount of time.

There were four breakout sessions that organizers wanted each attendee to participate in, and if the breakouts were spread out across the hotel event spaces, too much time would get lost in transit. To maximize on attendees’ time, we proposed the idea of gathering the entire group in one space and running 4 concurrent sessions. This way, no time would get lost during transitions, and messages could be shared in a concise amount of time.

So how did we achieve this?


We created an “in the round” stage set with 4 screens, and modular panels dividing each speaker’s area. We utilized Barco HD projectors & screens for a budget-friendly yet high impact solution.

Attendees were provided with in ear monitors and rotated every 20 minutes, allowing them to participate in four separate breakouts within an hour and a half. (Learn more about IEM’s in our last blog post: In-Ear Monitors: The What, When, Why, and How)

This solution met S&P’s goals not only in its efficient delivery of a message to an entire group, but also in keeping the group engaged and unified throughout the entire event. The unique layout & implementation kept attendees interested, and we eliminated potential wasted time by keeping attendees within the same space.


Looking for an out-of-the-box solution for your upcoming event?