If we’re talking ways to give your event a leg up and really make your attendees feel inspired and excited, intelligent lighting is high on the list.

Intelligent lighting is lighting that has automated or motion capabilities.

These kinds of fixtures are also sometimes called movers, or moving heads. They have to ability to change colors and patterns at the press of a button, and can be pre-programmed for different looks and movements!

Intelligent lighting is often used to add impact to specific moments of an event, like entrances and transitions. They can be used to add effect to both the stage and the audience, and are especially great for flexible event spaces that have different focal points, like multiple stages or speakers placed throughout the audience. 

Intelligent lighting gives you more flexibility during an event, and creates a more elevated & energetic environment. Moving lights can even inspire movement in your attendees, if that’s a goal of yours.

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We use a variety of intelligent lighting fixtures, including Chauvet’s Rogue R2, moving wash, and Maverick fixtures to allow for a wide range of effects. We also utilize hazers to enhance the effects of our spot fixtures, as the haze allows the movement of the beam to be seen. 

Intelligent lighting is becoming a favorite tool of event designers & staging professionals, and we're busy finding more and more ways to use them creatively and in a unique way! We look forward to helping you incorporate this staging technology to create more engaging events for you and your attendees! 

Stay tuned for more profiles on event trends in the coming weeks! (Check out our last trend profile on hard sets!)

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