5 Ways to Transform a Ballroom


5 Ways to Transform a Ballroom

Ballroom venues are a frequent choice for conferences and social events alike. They often have features and accommodations that make hosting large groups of attendees much simpler and more comfortable. But despite the upsides, the standard ballroom aesthetic is not right for every event.

We often have to find ways to make ballrooms feel like a different type of space, or to draw more attention to the event theme than to the existing ballroom decor. So we've compiled a few strategies that you can use to transform a ballroom into your perfect event space!

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One way to quickly transform a ballroom space is to conceal the walls and/or ceiling with fabric. This is also a great opportunity to enhance your event theme or aesthetic with custom fabric solutions. (Photo c/o Allegra's Studio)

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Hanging decor can be great for adding ambience to a ballroom. Whether you're using chandeliers, drum shades, 3D shapes, or lanterns, well-chosen hanging decor often helps to disguise existing fixtures and add another layer of dimension to the room's aesthetic.

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Another effective way to transform a ballroom is to create an impactful focal point for the space. Whether its a stage, a screen, or a combination of the two, creating a strong focal point will draw attention away from the adjacent surroundings and focus attendees' attention on something intentional.


Don't be fooled by its simplicity - lighting can drastically transform the mood of a space. You can use it to paint an entire room with color, or to highlight key elements that you want to draw attention to.

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A more unique way to alter a ballroom space is with projection. You can transform any surface using projection, from walls and ceilings to fabric dividers!

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BlackMagic Design Partners

BlackMagic Design Partners

Imagine having a wealth of 4K Video equipment at your fingertips.


Maybe you want a high-impact video to show at your event. Maybe you dream of live-streaming your event across the world and expanding your consumer base through the highest quality video. Maybe you need a captivating way to display that 4K video content that you've already invested in.

Well, we've got some news..

The AV Company is now proud to be a Blackmagic Design Partner!


Blackmagic is one of the world's leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology. They are dedicated to quality & stability, and focusing on where it's needed most. Blackmagic Design's founders have a long history in post-production editing & engineering, and they have created some of the most talked-about products in the industry.


What our partnership means: We are now authorized resellers of Blackmagic Design products, meaning that we have direct access to their top-of-the-line equipment when we need it. It also means that we'll be transitioning to a full 4K workflow, from filming to switching to post-production to display! We'll be able to facilitate your vision and help you produce & show your video in the highest quality possible.

What this means for you:

  • More opportunities to integrate 4K video into your event
  • More exciting video applications & environments
  • The best video support around, combined with the highest quality technology available!

We are so excited for this opportunity to provide you with the best 4K video technology out there!

Interested in having your next video project produced in 4K? Drop us a note to learn more about our capabilities!

3 Reasons to Invest In Your Event

3 Reasons to Invest In Your Event

There are many audiovisual companies out there offering to give you the most bang for your buck. Some will even assure you that you are getting the lowest price - but you always get what you pay for. At The AV Company, we know what we're worth. We don't promise to be the cheapest option out there - we promise to be worth the investment.

It's important to invest in audiovisual services for your events, for the sake of your team and your attendees. Here, we've identified a few reasons why investing in AV is a smart decision - and while we're not averse to tooting our own horn once in a while, this time we'll let some of our favorite clients do the talking.

TAVCO helps me create an experience for attendees. This experience creates an environment of engagement and excitement. People want an invite to our program because each year we raise the bar and folks look forward to see how we elevate the experience. TAVCO is a key partner in our execution of such success.
— A.B., Sr. Director of Corporate Planning & Support, S&P Global
The AV Company has worked closely with the Sentara Leadership Institute for the past three years, helping us with major leadership conferences. While I may have the fancy title of “producer”, I usually can sit back and enjoy the show because they have the script so well-rehearsed and put together, I rarely need to do very much other than check in with them. Any challenges that have arisen were immediately met with the team coming together to discuss and always finding a solution.

Our speakers are made to feel comfortable, and their AV and technical needs are met with a smile, and a “what else can I do for you?” With the continual demanding technical advances, I just to turn to JF and his team knowing that our AV technical needs for our conference will be well taken care of while I sit in my “producer’s chair” and enjoy the show.
— W.M., SPHR/SHRM-SCP, Sentara Healthcare
We enjoyed working with TAVCO on our annual Hoos Choice Awards for the Athletics Department. The visual renderings created were very helpful in creating a vision. They turned around draft changes quickly and responded with quote changes in a very timely manner... When we came up with an issue in building new stairs, we worked together to understand what permitting, etc. was required and they educated us on what needed to happen.
— M.P., Administrative Assistant, UVA Athletics Sports Promotions