Ballroom venues are a frequent choice for conferences and social events alike. They often have features and accommodations that make hosting large groups of attendees much simpler and more comfortable. But despite the upsides, the standard ballroom aesthetic is not right for every event.

We often have to find ways to make ballrooms feel like a different type of space, or to draw more attention to the event theme than to the existing ballroom decor. So we've compiled a few strategies that you can use to transform a ballroom into your perfect event space!

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One way to quickly transform a ballroom space is to conceal the walls and/or ceiling with fabric. This is also a great opportunity to enhance your event theme or aesthetic with custom fabric solutions. (Photo c/o Allegra's Studio)

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Hanging decor can be great for adding ambience to a ballroom. Whether you're using chandeliers, drum shades, 3D shapes, or lanterns, well-chosen hanging decor often helps to disguise existing fixtures and add another layer of dimension to the room's aesthetic.

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Another effective way to transform a ballroom is to create an impactful focal point for the space. Whether its a stage, a screen, or a combination of the two, creating a strong focal point will draw attention away from the adjacent surroundings and focus attendees' attention on something intentional.


Don't be fooled by its simplicity - lighting can drastically transform the mood of a space. You can use it to paint an entire room with color, or to highlight key elements that you want to draw attention to.

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A more unique way to alter a ballroom space is with projection. You can transform any surface using projection, from walls and ceilings to fabric dividers!

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