Modular decor panels are an efficient & unique way to add dimension and depth to any stage or event set! We've been using modular panels for quite some time, so we understand why they're becoming so popular! They're one of the few decor solutions that can work with nearly any aesthetic or theme. Here are some of the ways modular panels are becoming one of the biggest trends in event production this year:

Ease of Use

Our favorite modular decor panels are from Atomic Design. They come with custom connectors that make it quick and easy to snap the panels into place, reducing setup time. And the faster the setup, the lower the cost of labor! It also makes it easier to flip event spaces that need to have multiple uses, as these lightweight modular panels can be added or removed in mere minutes.


Modular panels can be used in a myriad of different ways! They can be connected together in a wall, used as a frame for your screens or signage, or as a standalone sculptural element. They can be stacked in columns, hung from truss, or staggered to create a perforated space divider. And because all of the modular panels we use are the same size, they can be mixed and matched with different panel designs to create an even bolder look! This adaptability gives you lots of options & creative ways that you can use modular panels to create an engaging set!


In addition to using Atomic Design's fabulous panels, we often create custom laser-cut modular panels that incorporate our clients' branding or logo! These custom panels can be used on their own or mixed in with other panels with more abstract pattern designs. There are so many possibilities when it comes to customization - and our designers would love to help you find the most creative way to integrate your event's branding into your set using custom panels!

Modular panels are quickly becoming a favorite tool of event designers & staging professionals, so we're busy finding more and more ways to use them creatively and in a unique way! We look forward to helping you incorporate this decor technology into your staging to create more engaging events!

Stay tuned for more profiles on event trends in the coming weeks! (Check out our last trend profile on LED walls!)