We talk a lot about LED walls, but the technology behind them is constantly evolving - as are the ways they're being used! LED walls continue to become even more malleable and are providing even better visuals. They're also being used in highly creative ways to create a more comprehensive event experience! Here are some of the ways LED walls are becoming one of the biggest trends in event production this year:



LED walls are being designed with increasingly better pixel pitches, meaning the LED pixels are closer together, creating a higher quality image. Here at The AV Company, we've recently upgraded our LED panels to a model with double the pixel pitch of our original video panels - and we're really excited about it!

Video panels offer crisper & brighter images and take up less space in your venue than a projector & screen. They also don't require an area of unimpeded space in front of the screen - as a matter of fact, they actually make great backdrops for your speakers, without sacrificing a high-quality picture.

Paired with powerful visuals, LED walls create an impactful first impression, doing the jobs of both a video display & set decor at once.



One valuable feature of LED walls is their modularity. LED walls are often made of up panels that are a few feet wide, and they do not have to be configured in one solid rectangle. Most LED walls can also be arranged in a curved or even serpentine formation! There are many possibilities for how they can be arranged, providing you with the ultimate flexibility in your set layout and allowing you to create a display that is truly unique to your event.


Additional Uses

These days, LED walls are being used not only for primary screens & staging, but also as a source for video content in secondary event spaces like lobbies & exhibitor spaces. LED walls make great displays for event schedules, maps, sponsorship placement, et cetera. If you can keep the high-tech vibe & stunning visuals going throughout the entire event space, you'll create a more immersive & memorable experience for your attendees.

LED walls are continuing to evolve to better meet the needs of event planners & coordinators, and we look forward to helping you harness the power of these exciting tools to create more engaging events!

Stay tuned for more profiles on event trends in the coming weeks!

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