If you've been following our work recently, it's almost guaranteed that you've seen our drum shades. Our clients are often drawn to them because they are high-impact, but also extremely versatile! Our drum shade covers are fully customizable, so they can be used for all types of events - from black tie dinners and sleek conferences to rustic get-togethers. Check out a few of the ways that our drum shades have been used in the past!

Drum Shade #1: Silver Sheer

Our silver sheer drum shade covers are a refined, elegant choice and lend themselves to more formal occasions. They work well with both chandeliers and antique Edison bulbs, and never fail to elevate the ambience of an event space.

Silver Drum Shade Tent Decor
Drum Shade #2: Gold Frazzle

Our gold Frazzle drum shade covers are a fun way to punch up your ceiling decor! They take light beautifully, allowing them to fit seamlessly into most decor schemes while adding a playful touch.

Drum Shade Room Decor Transformation
Drum Shade Tent Decor
Drum Shade #3: Erosion Cloth

If you're going for a rustic or outdoor-themed look, then erosion cloth is your best friend! Used on our drum shades, it provides an eye-catching light fixture that evokes a sense of authenticity and simplicity - perfect for a relaxed, natural-themed event!

Drum Shade Tent Decor 3