Depending on the event, our creative process can look pretty different from project to project. But there is one tool that comes in handy at some point with almost every project:

Sketchup Event Design
Sketchup Logo

SketchUp is a program that allows us to quickly draw out ideas at their true scale. It also allows us to design & flesh out new pieces of decor, and export the necessary drawings to produce them!

For some projects, all we need is a floor plan...

Event Design Floor Plan

Sometimes we need a flat elevation drawing...

Event Design Elevation Drawing
Event Design Devcon

And sometimes we need to model an entire venue or event!

Event Design 3D Model
Event Design Fabric Tent Darden

No matter the application, design visualization allows us and our clients to make better informed decisions about an event, and gives us a better idea of the impact that the design will have in the space.

Event Design - Sketchup Model