Tented events provide a unique set of challenges. There are logistical challenges, like wall height and table placement, and there are also aesthetic challenges. A tent is a completely different canvas than a ballroom or an event hall, which makes it a great opportunity for us to flex our creative muscles and have some fun! For those of you who are planning your own tented events and are stuck for ideas, here is a quick list of ways you can dress up a tent!

7 Ways to Style a Tent
Tent Colorful Lighting
#1: Lighting and Gobos
Tent Lighting

One way to bring life to a tented event is with lighting and gobos! Something as simple as a splash of color can make a world of difference in setting the mood for your event.

#2: Decorative Panels
Decorative Modular Panels from Atomic Design

Decorative panels are an easy, modular way to add visual interest to any tent. They come in a multitude of styles and can be configured in countless ways to fit any decor scheme.

#3: Bistro Lights
Bistro Lights in Wedding Tent

Bistro lights lend a fun, playful element to your decor. Often an unexpected touch for the inside of a tent, bistros give an intimate, cafe-like vibe that is sure to delight your attendees. (Photo by Jen Fariello)

#4: Traditional Chandeliers

Another way to add visual interest to a tent interior is with chandeliers! Traditional chandeliers add a sense of elegance and grandeur to a tent ceiling, and come in a variety of styles to suit the aesthetics of your event. (Second photo by Sarah Cramer Shields)

#5: Contemporary Chandeliers
Contemporary Chandeliers Columns

If traditional chandeliers are not your cup of tea, contemporary chandeliers give a more modern feel and can quickly elevate the look of your event! Drum shade chandeliers or column chandeliers, shown here, are fun twists on the conventional hanging decor and are sure to dazzle within a tented environment.

#6: Custom Fabric Treatments
Custom Fabric Treatment for Tent Wedding

Custom fabric treatments are a high-impact way to increase the wow factor of your event! Whether you want to bring the scale of the space in, add a pop of color, or completely transform the interior of a tent, fabric's got you covered!  (Photos by Abby Jiu & Jack Looney)

#7: Spandex Divider
Tent Spandex Divider Projection Lighting
Tent Spandex Divider with Projection

Last but not least, our spandex dividers provide a great opportunity to take your event branding full-scale! In giving you a surface that spans the full width of the tent, these dividers provide you with a stunning backdrop that you can transform into anything you like!