With so many high quality display methods available for showing content, it can be difficult to know which is best for your event and what will give you the highest impact at the lowest cost. Well, fear not - we're here to walk you through the pros & cons of our two major options, and when it is best to use each one.



  • Great for transforming surfaces, particularly when ambient light can be controlled
  • Easier to get a larger image
  • More affordable overall

led walls

  • Higher intensity, & visible in full sunlight
  • Waterproof and easily implemented outdoors, regardless of weather
  • Image is constrained to panels, but panels can be configured in many ways

Often in small theaters, dark outdoor spaces, or enclosed tents where light is easily controlled, projection can be a great, cost-efficient way to display your content.

Take, for example, this tented dinner event. Projection is used here to provide a backdrop and add visual interest to a spandex divider within the tent. In this instance, projection allowed us to cover a large area using just a couple of instruments, and the image pops due to our ability to remove any ambient light in the space that might impede visibility.

However, in spaces where there is lots of ambient light, LED walls can provide a higher level of intensity and maintain a clearer image.

For the conference shown here, important visual content needed to share the stage with various presenters who also needed to be well-lit. If we had used projection, the lighting for the presenter would have washed out the image on the screens. But by using LED walls, we were able to maintain the integrity of the image while still providing plenty of light on the speakers.

(Photos by Edmond Joe)

Of course, you can always combine the two display methods to make the best use of each and create an immersive experience for your attendees!

For the Virginia Film Festival's Opening Night Gala, we utilized LED screens onstage and projected additional content onto the walls of the venue. This allowed the onstage content to make impact amongst a well-lit set, and allowed us to easily transform the walls of the space into interesting display surfaces using just a few projectors. (Check out our case study to see behind the scenes of this design!) 

(Photos by Amanda Maglione)

Virginia Film Festival LED Wall & Projection Mapping