A few months ago, we showed you how we use SketchUp to lay out event sets and make more informed design decisions. Today, we're sharing another tool that we use to assist our clients and improve our team operations:

Event Design Rendering in Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Logo

You may know Photoshop as the program you use to touch up pictures and create photo compilations, but it can also be used for a number of other applications! Just like SketchUp, we use it to better visualize our design ideas, but Photoshop gives us much more flexibility in terms of the visuals we create.


Sometimes we'll use Photoshop at the beginning of a project to compile ideas into a communicative concept board... 

Event Design Concept Board



Sometimes we use it to expand upon renderings, making them more lifelike and adding detail...



Some times we use Photoshop to drop designs into venues, when the venues are a bit too detailed to model...

TEDxCharlottesville Event Design Rendering



And sometimes we even use Photoshop to design graphics for projection or screen display at events!

Virginia Film Festival Event Graphics


Whether we're using it to help visualize a design or bring a surface to life with cool graphics, Photoshop is one of our favorite tools for helping our clients produce great events! By integrating design visualization and graphics production into our creative process, we are able to offer full-service event production that reflects our clients' goals at every step!