We’re jumping into the new year headfirst here at the AV Company! We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to help you take your events to the next level, and we’ve been noticing some trends within the industry that might just work for you!

Here are some of the AV & event trends we’re seeing going into this new year!


We’re seeing more and more large events & conferences taking on the energy of live events like concerts & shows - events that are known for getting people excited and engaged. One important element of this is audio! High quality sound systems aren’t what you might think of when you start planning your event, but they can make a huge difference in an attendee’s experience. 

In conferences, we’re also seeing (and making use of) bumper music between speakers, to keep the energy high during what might otherwise be a lull. We’re big fans of this tactic and have been using it for years, so we’re excited to see that it’s becoming more commonplace!

C3X V2.jpg

LED walls are being used in unique & engaging layouts, breaking beyond the standard 16:9 rectangle and making the most of the flexibility that modular panels give you. (For more ways you can think outside the box with your LED wall, check out this blog post: Seven Ways to Make the Most of Your LED Wall)

We’re also seeing more interactivity during events, especially using social media. With today’s video capabilities, getting social media posts up on screen is an easy way to bring your audience further into the event & keep them engaged. Two-way interactivity is another recent trend that allows groups in different areas to stay engaged with the same content. This past year, we worked with a recurring client on a large-scale simulcast conference, with events occurring in two locations and using live video & audio to allow the hosts & speakers (and even audience members) to interact in both directions. 


In the world of staging, we’re seeing more and more of a push towards mixing in hard set pieces. Pipe & drape is no longer the standard, and more event marketers & conference planners are choosing to make visually interesting set pieces a priority for their events.

We’re also seeing more staging design that utilizes LED walls as dynamic set pieces. Creative content can allow LED walls to go from acting as a step and repeat, to showing video as part of a presentation, to splashing the event branding across a backdrop - the possibilities are virtually endless. This makes them fantastic additions to a stage set, and gives you the ultimate flexibility in content & aesthetic. 


We hope you’ve identified a few trends that might be useful to you in your 2019 events! Drop us a note if you have questions about any of these methods, or if you’re ready to get started on planning your next event or conference!