4K video has been on the public radar for some years now, and is increasing in popularity as viewing technology catches up with recording technology. 4K screens are everywhere nowadays, and if you’re planning a recorded event or conference, you’ll want to make sure that your video recordings are up to snuff!

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Here are five reasons why 4K recording is a good investment for your event:


It may sound straightforward to say that 4K footage is going to look better than your standard 1080p footage. But what some may not realize is that 4K footage looks better & crisper even when shrunk down to a smaller display size. Filming in 4K will give you the highest quality visual on all screens, from 4K televisions to smartphones streaming in standard definition.


With higher resolution recordings, it’s possible to zoom in on the footage, cut to close-ups of speakers, and make other perspective shifts more easily. This results in a more dynamic finished video, without having to have two cameras stationed at the same angle during your event. (And fewer cameras equals money saved!) 


YouTube has the capability to host 4K video, which means that sharing your 4K content online is not only possible, but simple to do! Show off your high quality footage to promote future events, or even release snippets of an educational talk to add value to your social media presence! (For more ideas on using event video in your marketing strategy, click here: 5 Ways To Use Event Video as a Marketing Strategy)


Miss getting a shot of that one engaging speaker? With 4K footage, the resolution is high enough that you’re likely to be able to pull frames from the video, and export them as images!


As technology continues to improve and displays get more & more sophisticated, 4K video content will have more longevity. It will appear current & crisp on any display in the present, and will continue represent your organization well long after the recording has been taken. (Imagine watching standard 1080p footage on an 8K screen in five years - not so pretty!)

Thanks to our partnership with BlackMagic Design, we have access to their full line of 4K equipment, allowing us to produce the highest quality video for our clients. If you’re planning a recorded event or conference, give us a shout to get the best 4K equipment on your side!