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Transformation Tuesday: John Paul Jones Arena

Transformation Tuesday: John Paul Jones Arena

Greetings from The AV Company!

Welcome to our fifth installment in our Transformation Tuesday series! This week we'll be looking at an event that we recently completed at the John Paul Jones Arena. Since it opened in 2006, the venue has been home to the Virginia Cavaliers basketball teams, and has hosted countless concerts and other events. It has seating for over 14,000 people, and is the largest indoor arena in Virginia. 


For this leadership conference, we wanted to use a large projection screen to accomplish all of the event's visual needs! We needed it to fill the roles of a decorative backdrop, a presentation platform, and a visual aide for audience members throughout the arena.


Take a look at how we use projection to turn this versatile screen into decor, without sacrificing presentation content or clarity! Using multi-window capabilities, we are able to maintain precise control over the content shown, be it an overall pattern, layered images, or a picture-in-picture video stream.


Trends in Healthcare AV

Trends in Healthcare AV

One of the new overall trends that we are seeing in the world of AV installations is a larger need for Healthcare audio visual. We're lucky to be in Charlottesville, VA where two of the nation's best hospitals (UVA and Martha Jefferson) are located so it makes sense here but as it turns out this same trend is being seen all over the place. We recently worked with the UVA Heart Center on video connectivity for their imaging devices which led us to pay more attention when the latest issue of Healthcare AV magazine arrived this month. Here are a few of the trends that they mentioned that we're sure to see more of in the very near future:

  • Outdated hospital auditoriums are being re-modeled to become high-tech, energy efficient presentation centers
  • 'Gadget growth'- new software and internet-connected devices like the iPad are making their way into the healthcare AV world
  • New regulations are changing the face of mass notification systems
  • Digital signage investments are being made to help notify people in emergency situations
  • More sound masking is being done so patients can get some sleep and to help with privacy issues when sharing medical information verbally
  • Patient observation via video is playing a larger role in medical schools
  • Touchscreens are being installed to make things faster and more compact
  • Higher-resolution video displays are being installed in operating rooms

These are just some of the exciting new things happening in our world. To keep up with the latest and greatest in Healthcare AV you can follow the magazine on Twitter @HealthcareAV (be sure to follow us too while you're at it @TheAVCompany).