We've shown you how we use SketchUp to lay out event sets and create 3D models, and we've shown you how we use Photoshop to create more realistic drawings and renderings of our designs. But there's another tool that we use to enhance our creativity and prepare more thoroughly for events:

TEDxCville Design in After Effects - Motion Graphics
After Effects for Event Design

After Effects is a motion graphics and compositing program that we use to create animated video content for a variety of uses, from projection mapping to design visualization!

Sometimes we use After Effects to create custom motion graphics for use at events. If our client already has some graphics or event-specific visuals that they are working with, our creative team will work with them to expand upon those elements and create effective content for their specific application.

Virginia Film Festival Animation in After Effects


It can be helpful to see video content in use and get a better idea of how it will read in the event space, so sometimes we will use After Effects to drop the content into a rendering to get a realistic preview. Seeing the video play out in the space also helps us in our creative process, and sometimes gives us better ideas on how to use content to complement the set!

UVA Main Street Arena Party Motion Graphics Rendering in After Effects


Sometimes we use this program to visualize the timing of the content and to coordinate transitions within the event. This is especially helpful in clarifying the run of show when there are lots of assets or screens to be managed.

VASHRM Motion Graphics Design in After Effects


These practices also help us to identify visual weak spots in the program that could use more "oomph", or to spot areas of the set that need separate content at a specific point in the program.

S&P OPSCON Motion Graphics Stage Design Preview

We love finding new ways to push our creative boundaries and continue to provide the best possible service for our clients, and After Effects allows us to better communicate our ideas and maintain a collaborative energy with your team. By integrating design visualization and graphics production into our creative process, we are able to offer full-service event production that reflects our clients' goals at every step!