We have assisted with many conferences throughout the years, and one of the most valuable services we can provide for this type of event is video recording. There are many ways that a team can benefit from recording their conferences, but there are four in particular that we have found to be the most relevant across the board.

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When a significant portion of the target audience is not able to attend a conference, organizers may choose to record the conference and feed it to a live stream channel. For corporate organizations, this allows teams that are spread out to benefit equally from the information being shared. For public events, this extends the reach of the event's message.


Many companies record key points of their conferences to be used later on for training new team members. This strategy reduces the need for investing in additional training materials, and over time, creates an archive of training assets that can be beneficial to team operations. This is probably the most common motivation for recording that we encounter.

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It can be helpful to have recordings of your event so that you can look back, review what went well & what didn't, and make informed decisions for future events. This is especially useful for events with breakout sessions, as it can be hard to keep tabs on each presentation when there are several occurring at the same time.


Last but not least, one of our favorite uses for video recording is image magnification, or I-MAG. Image magnification means taking video feed of a speaker and putting it up on screen. It is a great way to break up a presentation with lots of slides, improve speaker visibility, and keep your audience engaged throughout the program.

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Although it isn't necessary for every event, video recording can provide many benefits during and after your conference. We'd love to talk with you about the potential added value that video can bring to your event!