We are excited to announce that The AV Company is a dealer for DMX on-site music! We can now provide a music subscription for your business that will keep your customers coming back AND the licensing is all taken care of for you! Check out some sample playlists here.

Here is an overview of this great new service from the DMX website. If you're interested in more information please CONTACT US.

DMX On-Site

Many businesses rely on CDs, mp3 playlists or satellite radio. But, playing DJ takes time away from your day. Employees tend to play what they like, not what's right for your business. And radio, while fine for listening, isn't designed specifically for business use. If you're going to have music for your business, make it work for you. Make it DMX Music.

Make an impression. 

DMX Music not only enhances today's visit but connects on an emotional level to create positive associations and lasting customer bonds. 

Influence behavior

Clear tables faster. Get customers to linger longer. Make time fly. Excite, sooth or move. It's not magic. It's the power of music.

Keep it legal

Relax. DMX handles all required music licensing through thousands of relationships with critical industry players, including labels, performing rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI and SoundExchange) and publishers.

Stay focused on your business.

Let us handle the music for your business - from meticulous song selection to all aspects of daily management including delivery, updating and licensing requirements.

Be experienced

Let customers actually experience your brand with highly customized in-store sonic solutions that capture the personality of your brand or business.

Control your environment

Ensure your customer experience is consistent from visit to visit and your music meets your goals.