Summer was a very busy time for us this year - we spent much of it getting local high schools & universities ready for this time of year - back to school!

We noticed an increase in the need for more classrooms in general & more technology locally but now that things have slowed down a bit and we are catching up on our reading we have realized that it seems to be a trend nationwide as well! 

This article (link below) makes a great point - the recession seems to have encouraged many people to head back to school which means that the schools have to keep up when it comes to enough space and the classroom technology to keep up with new students. 

Also, because graduating students are entering companies that so have the latest technology, it is now even more important that schools keep up. 

Check out this article form Sound & Video Contractor on the Top Four Trends in Classroom Technology. They include: 

  • Bigger Pictures and Sound
  • Enhanced Audio
  • Video Capture
  • I/T is more important than ever!