We are excited to share with you a flexible yet high-impact display solution that we'll be showing at AV Sense:  

Panasonic laser projectors!

There are lots of projectors out there, but we've curated a selection of the most effective, cutting edge products from Panasonic's line of laser projectors.

Although they vary in brightness capabilities, all of these laser projectors deliver a high quality picture & vivid color performance with Panasonic's SOLID SHINE Laser Technology.

Panasonic laser projectors are all about low-maintenance stability. The projectors have compact bodies and are highly reliable, with dust-resistant structures and effective cooling systems.

Panasonic Laser Projector - AV Sense 2018 Expo Technology
Panasonic Laser Projectors - AV Sense 2018 Expo Technology

At AV Sense, we'll be showcasing multiple projector models that are ideal for different types of applications, from permanent installations (like in classrooms or meeting rooms) to temporary installations (like events or expos). 

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be there to consult you as you explore the different possibilities for your project.

We’ll be showcasing the following projector models:

RZ120, RZ970, R2570, VZ580, & MZ670.

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